College Development Camp

UAA College Development Camp


This camp is open to any and all entrants but targets male players in the state of Alaska at the high school, 18U and 20U levels that have aspirations of playing junior and college hockey.  It is an excellent opportunity for local players to experience how an NCAA Division I practice is run and to get individual instruction from the UAA coaching staff.  There will be two, one-hour ice sessions each day.  The first session will focus on position specific and individual skills that have an in-game translation.  The second session will comprise of small area games that put the players in game-like situations, and where they put the skills practiced earlier in the day to test.  Both sessions will be run like an in-season collegiate practice, demanding the same pace, tempo and execution as would be expected of our current Seawolf players. In addition to the on-ice practices, we will have two off ice workouts in the gym, presentations by the UAA coaching staff, and team video sessions.

Dates: July 20-22 (Need 30 registrations by July 1st to move forward)
Time: 8-3:30 PM
Age: 18U, 20U 
Price: $279
Cap on Event: 46 (24 forward, 16 defense, 6 Goalies)
Gender: Male

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